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    Animate On Scroll

    We have included an option to easily add animations to almost any element of your site content. These animations are triggered once elements enter the viewport of your browser as you scroll down the page adding life and energy to your site content. Great for adding focus to particular elements of your content which you wish to bring to the attention of your visitors.

    Doing so is as simple as adding 2 class names to the element you wish to animate!

    <div class="animate fadeIn">
       Animate this text!
    animate fadeIn
    animate fadeInUp
    animate fadeInUpBig
    animate fadeInDown
    animate fadeInDownBig
    animate fadeInLeft
    animate fadeInLeftBig
    animate fadeInRight
    animate fadeInRightBig
    animate flip
    animate flipInX
    animate flipInY
    animate lightSpeedIn
    animate rotateIn
    animate rotateInDownLeft
    animate rotateInDownRight
    animate rotateInUpLeft
    animate rotateInUpRight
    animate slideInDown
    animate slideInRight
    animate slideInLeft
    animate rollIn
    animate bounce
    animate flash
    animate shake
    animate swing
    animate wobble

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